29 Oktober 2010

Karangetang Mountain Is One Of The Most Active Volcanoes in Indonesia

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Karangetang Volcano also called Gunung Api Siau (Siau Volcano), located on the northern tip of the island Siau. This volcano is one of the most active volcanoes in Indonesia, has five crater and consists of two peaks, namely the South Peak (+ 1827 m) and North Peak (1784 m +).
According to research by the Department Geology Indonesia On July 7, 2006, at 18:53pm (local time) observed bursts of incandescent material as high as 50m. The Bursts of incandescent material fell around the summit and some drove into the river Batuawang and river Kahetang with sliding distance reaches 500 m.
Volcanic activity increased on July 12, 2006, at 04:00, lava avalanches occurred from the top of the main crater towards the river Batuawang, Kahetang river, and river Bahembang with sliding distance 1500m from the summit. At 09:47pm, glowing lava increasing distance toward the river Bahembang reached 2250 m. Then at 15:07pm pyroclastic avalanches occurred at the river Batuawang and Kahetang river with sliding distance between 500 to 2500m. Until 16:00 pm there have been 6 times pyroclastic avalanches lead to the same river. At 19:45 pm observed lava along 50m toward the river Kahetang and Batuawangan.

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